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9/17-9/20 Facial 口腔顔面頭蓋再生研究国際シンポジウム Okayama, Japan  
9/4-9/7 Facial-Nerve-System 第10回国際顔面神経シンポジウム Maastricht - Netherlands 10TH INTERNATIONAL FACIAL NERVE SYMPOSIUM
2/27-3/1 Family Planning 第回国際生殖と家族計画会議 Istanbul, Turkey 4th International Congress of Reproductive Health and Family Planning
5/27-5/31 Family-Medicine 世界家庭医学会アジア太平洋地区会議 Tokyo, Japan WONCA Asia Pacific Regional Conference
9/28-10/2 Family-Physicians 米国家庭医学会議 San Francisco, CA, United States American Academy of Family Physicians Annual Meeting
9/25-9/28 Fat 第26回国際肥満研究会議 Prague, Czech International Society for Fat Research, 26. World Congress
5/8-5/12 Fetus 国際胎児医学会議 Antalya, Turkey International Congress on Fetus as a Patient
9/4-9/7 Fluorescence 第9回国際フルオレセイン蛍光造影会議 Lisbon, Portugal 9th International Conference on Methods and Applications of Fluorescence: Spectroscopy, Imaging and Probes
5/9-5/13 Forensic 第7回世界警察医官会議 Dunblane, United Kingdom Association of World Police Medical Officers in Clinical Forensic Medicine 7. Triennial Conference
8/29-9/2 Forensic 第43回国際法毒物学会議 Seoul, Korea International Association of Forensic Toxicologists, 43rd Annual Meeting


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