KEYWORD検索 2002年: 各学会ホームページへは開催年月別一覧表よりリンクしています

Aerosol International Aerosol Research Assembly.6.Conference.Ex. 2002.9.8-9.13 Taipei, Taiwan-China 第6回国際エアロゾル研究会議
AIDS 14.International Conference on AIDS. 2002.7.6-7.12 Barcelona, Spain 第14回国際AIDS会議
Alcohol, Drugs International Council on Alcohol, Drugs and Traffic Safety.16.Conference. 2002.8.4-8.9 Montreal, Canada 第16回国際アルコール、薬物、交通安全会議
Allergologicum 24th Biennial Collegium International Allergologicum 2002.10.5-10.10 Jerusalem, Israel 第24回国際アレルギー学会議
Allergy Collegium Internationale Allergologicum, 24th Annual Conference 2002.10.18-10.23 Eilat, ISRAEL 第24回国際アレルギー学会議
Allergy, Asthma &
58th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology(AAAAI) 2002.3.1-3.6 New York, NY, United States 第58回米国アレルギー・喘息・免疫学会議
Alzheimer Diseases 8th International Conference on Alzheimer Diseases and Related Disorders 2002.7.-. Stockholm, SWEDEN 第8回国際アルツハイマー病会議
Anaesthesia Aspen Anaesthesia 2002 2002.2.2-2.9 Snowmass, CO, United States 2002年ASPEN麻酔会議
Anaesthesia 1st World Congress on Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy 2002.5.31-6.1 Barcelona, Spain 第1回世界局所麻酔と疼痛治療会議
Anaesthesiologists 10th Annual Meeting of the European Society of Anaesthesiologists 2002.5.25-5.28 Nice, France
Androloy American Society of Androloy.27.Annual Meeting 2002.4.25-4.28 Seattle, WA ,United States 第27回米国アンドロロジー会議
Anesthesia 76th Clinical and Scientific Congress of the International Anesthesia Research Society
2002.3.16-3.20 San Diego, CA, United States 第76回国際麻酔学研究会議
Anesthesiologists American Society of Anesthesiologists Annual Meeting 2002.10.12-10.16 Orlando, FL, USA 米国麻酔学会議
Angiology International Union of Angiology, 20th World Congress 2002.4.7-4.11 New York City, NY, USA 第20回国際脈管学会議
Antiviral  2002 Annual Meeting of the International Society for Antiviral Research
2002.3.17-3.21 Prague, Czeck Republic 国際抗ウィルス研究会議
Arthroscopy 21st Annual Meeting of the Arthroscopy Association of North America 2002.4.25-4.28 Washington, DC, United States 第21回北米関節鏡検査学会議
Asthma INTERASMA 2002, 27th World Congress of Asthma 2002.3.16-3.19 Firenze, Italy
Atherosclerosis 73rd Cong of the Eur Atherosclerosis Soc 2002.7.7-7.10 Salzburg, Austria 第75回欧州アテローム性動脈硬化学会議
Audiology XXVI International Conference on Audiology 2002.3.18-3.21 Melbourne, AUSTRALIA 第26回国際聴覚医学会議
Autoimmunity 3rd International Congress on Autoimmunity 2002.2.20-2.24 Geneva, Switzerland
Aviation & Space Medicine 50th Int Cong of Aviation & Space Medicine 2002.8.25-8.29 Sun City, South Africa 第50回国際航空宇宙医学会議
Bacteriology 10.International Congress of Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology. 2002.7.21-7.26 Paris, France 第10回国際細菌学、応用微生物学会議
Barany XXII Regular Meeting of the Barany Society 2002.9.9-9.12 Seattle, WA, USA 第22回バラニー学会議
Behavior Therapy Association for Abvancement of Behavior Therapy.36.Annual Convention. 2002.11.14-11.17 Reno, NV ,United States 第36回米国行動療法学会議
Biochemical  Biochemical Society.Meeting. 2002.4.8-4.10 Edinburgh, United Kingdom 生化学ミーティング
Biochemistry International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 7th Congress 2002.6.29-7.3 Bergen, NORWAY 第7回国際生化学・分子生物学会議
Biochemistry International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.7.Conference 2002.5.4-5.8 Bergen, Norway 第7回国際生理学、分子生物学会議
Biomaterials 28th Annual Meeting of the Society For Biomaterials 2002.4.24-4.28 Tampa, FL, United States 第28回米国バイオマテリアル学会議
Biomedical Engineering 202 Ann Spring Mtg of the Biomedical Engineering Soc 2002.4.20-4.24 New Orleans, LA , United States 米国生体工学会春季会議
Biophysics 14th Int Biophysics Cong 2002.4.30-5.2 Buenos Aires, Argentina 第14回国際生物物理学会議
Blood Transfusion 27th Congress of The International Society of Blood Transfusion 2002.8.24-8.28 Vancouver, BC, Canada 第27回国際輸血学会議
Bone & Mineral American Society for Bone & Mineral Research Annual Meeting 2002.9.20-9.24 San Antonio, TX, United States 米国骨・ミネラル研究会議
Breast Cancer 3rd European Breast Cancer Conference 2002.3.19-3.23 Barcelona, Spain 第3回欧州乳癌学会議
Breast Cancer 25th San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium 2002.12.11-12.14 San Antonio, TX, United States 第25回サンアントニオ乳癌シンポジウム
Breast Diseases 12th International Congress on Breast Diseases 2002.5.5-5.10 Jerusalem, Israel 第12回国際乳房疾患会議
Buiatrics 22nd World Buiatrics Cong 2002.8.19-8.23 Hannover, Germany 第22回世界BUIATRICS会議
Burn 34th Ann Mtg of the Am Burn Assn(ABA2001) 2002.4.24-4.27 Chicago, IL ,United States 第34回米国熱傷学会議
Burn Injuries International Society for Burn Injuries, 11th International Congress 2002.8.-. Seattle, WA, USA 第11回国際熱傷会議
Cancer Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research 2002.4.6-4.10 New Orleans, LA, USA 米国癌学会議(AACR)
Cancer International Union against Cancer, 18th Congress 2002.6.29-7.5 Oslo, NORWAY 第18回国際癌学会議
Cancer 17th Annual Meeting of the European Association for Cancer Research 2002.7.6-7.9 Barcelona, Spain 第17回欧州癌研究会議
Cancer 9th Hong Kong International Cancer Conference 2002.11.10-11.16 Hong Kong, China 第9回香港国際癌学会議
Cardiology 23rd Congress of the European Society of Cardiology 2002.8.31-9.4 Stockholm, SWEDEN 第24回欧州心臓学会議(ESC)
Cardiology 51st Annual Scientific Sessions of the American College of Cardiology 2002.3.17-3.20 Atlanta, GA, USA 第51回米国心臓学会議(ACC)
Cardiology 14th World Congress of Cardiology 2002.5.5-5.9 Sydney, AUSTRALIA 第14回世界心臓学会議
Cardiology International Academy of Cardiology, 4th International Congress on Heart Disease 2002.5.12-5.15 Washington, DC, USA 第4回国際心臓学アカデミー会議
Cardiothoracic and
Vascular Anesthesia
8th International Congress of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Anesthesia 2002.11.10-11.15 Jerusalem, Israel 第8回国際胸部心臓血管麻酔学会議
Cardiovascular Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe.Annual Congress. 2002.9.28-10.3 Luzern, Switzeland 欧州心臓血管、インターベンショナルラジオロジー会議
Cardiovascular and
Interventional Radiology
Mtg of the Soc of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology 2002.4.6-4.11 Baltimore, MD ,United States 米国心臓血管インターベンショナルラジオロジー会議
Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists Mtg of the Soc of Cardiovascular Anesthesiologists 2002.4.12-4.17 New York, NY ,United States 米国心臓血管麻酔学会議
Cardiovascular Disease 2nd Int Cong on Cardiovascular Disease(2nd ICCD) 2002.4.25-4.27 Kosice, Slovakia 第2回国際心臓血管病学会議
Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy International Society of Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy, 11th Annual Symposium 2002.5.18-5.24 Montreal, CANADA 第11回国際心臓血管薬理治療学会議
Cardiovascular Surgery Joint Annual Meeting of the International Society for
Cardiovascular Surgery and the Society for Vascular Surgery
2002.6.9-6.13 Boston, MA, USA 国際心臓血管外科学会議
Cardiovascular Surgery Asian Society for Cardiovascular Surgery.10.Annual Meeting. 2002.5.10-5.14 Seoul, Korea Rep 第10回アジア心臓血管外科学会議
Cardiovascular Surgery European Society for Cardiovascular Surgery.51.Annual Congress. 2002.6.16-6.16 Milano, Itary 第51回欧州心臓血管外科学会議
Cataract and Refractive
The European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons (ESCRS) , 20th Congress 2002.9.7-9.11 Nice, France 第20回欧州白内障屈折外科学会議
Cataract and Refractive
2002 Annual Symposium and Congress of the American Society of
Cataract and Refractive Surgery
2002.6.1-6.5 Philadelphia, PA, United States 米国白内障屈折外科学会議
Chemotherapy 4th European Congress of Chemotherapy and Infection 2002.5.5-5.8 Paris, France 第4回欧州化学療法学会議
Chest Physicians 68th Annual Scientific Assembly of the American College of Chest Physicians 2002.11.3-11.7 San Diego, CA, United States 第68回米国胸部疾患学会議
Child Neurology 9th Int Child Neurology Cong 2002.9.20-9.25 Beijing, China 第9回国際小児神経学会議
Child Neurology 7.Asian Oceanian Congress of Child Neurology.EX. 2002.9.20-9.25 Beijing, China 第7回アジアオセアニア小児神経学会議
Clinical Chemistry International Federation of Cinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine.
18.Triennial World Congress.
2002.10.20-10.25 Kyoto, Japan 第18回国際臨床化学会議
Cleft Palate-Craniofacial 59th Ann Mtg of the Am Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Assn 2002.4.30-5.5 Seattle, WA ,United States 第59回米国口蓋裂−脳顔面頭蓋会議
Cologn and Rectal Surgeons International Society of University Cologn and Rectal Surgeons, 19th Congress 2002.5.-. Madrid, SPAIN 第19回国際大学直腸結腸外科学会議
Colon and Rectal Surgeons The American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Annual Meeting 2002.6.4-6.9 Chicago, IL, USA 米国直腸結腸外科学会議
Cosmetic Surgery American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery Annual Meeting 2002.1.30-2.2 San Antonio,TX,USA 米国美容外科学会議
Cranio-Maxillo-Facial European Association for Cranio-Maxillo-Facial Surgery.16.Biennial Congress. 2002.9.1-9.9 Munster, Germany 第16回欧州頭蓋顎顔面外科学会議
Critical Care Medicine Mtg of the Soc of Critical Care Medicine 2002.1.26-1.30 San Diego, CA ,United States 米国救急治療医学会議
Cystic Fibrosis 25th European Cystic Fibrosis Conference 2002.6.17-6.23 Genoa, Italy
Cytology  European Federation of Cytology Societies, 29th Congress 2002.9.23-9.26 Antwerp, BELGIUM 第29回欧州細胞学会議
Cytopathology 50th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society of Cytopathology 2002.11.5-11.9 Salt Lake City, UT, United States 第50回米国細胞病理学会議
Dental Asian Pacific Dental Federation.24.Congress. 2002.4.-4. Seoul, Korea Rep. 第24回アジア太平洋歯科学連盟会議
Dental FDI-World Dental Federation.90.Annual World Congress. 2002.10.1-10.5 Vienna, Austria 第90回国際歯科学連盟会議(FDI)
Dental  International Association for Dental Research 80th Annual Session 2002.3.6-3.9 San Diego, CA, United States 第80回国際歯科研究会議
Dental Schools Annual Meeting of the American Association of Dental Schools 2002.3.2-3.6 San Diego, CA, United States 米国歯科学校会議
Dentistry for Children Annual Conference of the American Society of Dentistry for Children 2002.9.25-9.29 Tucson, AZ, United States 米国小児歯科学会議
Dermatological European Society for Dermatological Research.32.Annual Meering. 2002.9.19-9.21 Geneve, Switzeland 第32回欧州皮膚科学会議
Dermatology Annual Meeting of the Society for Investigative Dermatology 2002.5.15-5.19 Los Angeles, CA, USA 国際研究皮膚科学会年次会議
Dermatology 60th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology 2002.2.22-2.27 New Orleans, LA, USA 第60回米国皮膚科学会議
Dermatology International League of Dermatological Societies, 20th Congress 2002.7.1-7.5 Paris, FRANCE 第20回国際皮膚科学会議
Dermatology Clinical Dermatology 2002 2002.3.14-3.16 Vienna, Austria 2002年臨床皮膚科学会議
Diabetes 62nd Annual Scientific Sessions of the American Diabetes Association 2002.6.15-6.18 San Francisco, CA, USA 第62回米国糖尿病学会議
Diabetes 5th Int Diabetes Federation Western Pacific Region Cong 2002.5.-5. Beijing, China 第5回国際糖尿病学会西大平洋地区会議
Diabetes 38th Ann Mtg of the Eur Assn for the Study of Diabetes 2002.9.1-9.5 Budapest, Hungary 第38回欧州糖尿病学会議
Diabetes Mtg of the Am Assn of Diabetes Educators 2002.8.7-8.11 Philadelphia, PA ,United States 米国糖尿病教育者会議
Diagnostic 34th Int Diagnostic Course 2002.4.6-4.12 Davos, Switzerland 第34回国際診断会議
Digestive Disease Digestive Disease Week ASGE Annual Meeting 2002.5.19-5.22 San Francisco, CA, USA 米国消化器病週間(DDW)
Digestive Endoscopy 10th World Congress of Digestive Endoscopy 2002.2.24-3.1 Bangkok, THAILAND 第10回世界消化器内視鏡学会議(OMED)
Digestive Surgery International Society for Digestive Surgery.18.World Congress.Ex. 2002.9.11-9.14 Seattle, WA ,United States 第18回国際消化器外科学会議
Drug Analysis 7th Int Symp on Drug Analysis 2002.4.21-4.25 Brugge, Belgium 第7回国際薬物分析シンポジウム
Echocardiography Mtg of the Am Soc of Echocardiography 2002.6.9-6.12 Orlando, FL ,United States 米国心エコー検査会議
Echocardiography International Society of Cardiovascular Ultrasound,
6th World Congress of Echocardiography and Vascular Ultrasound
2002.2.8-2.10 New Delhi, INDIA 第6回国際心エコ−検査・血管超音波会議
Electron Microscopy International Federation of Societies for Electron Microscopy 15th Congress 2002.8.-. Durbam, SOUTH AFRICA 第15回国際電子顕微鏡会議
Electron Microscopy 15th International Congress on Electron Microscopy 2002.9.1-9.6 Durban, South Africa 第15回国際電子顕微鏡学会議
Emergency Medicine International Conference on Emergency Medicine. 2002.5.20-5.25 Edinburgh, United Kingdom 国際救急医学会議
Emergency Medicine Mtg of the Soc for Academic Emergency Medicine 2002.5.19-5.22 St Louis, MO ,United Sates 米国救急医学会議
Endocrine 84th Ann Scientific Mtg of the Endocrine Soc(ENDO'02) 2002.6.19-6.22 San Francisco, CA ,United States 第84回米国内分泌学会議
Endocrinologists American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists Annual Meeting 2002.5.1-5.5 Chicago, IL, United States 米国臨床内分泌学会議
Endodontists 59th Ann Session of the Am Assn of Endodontists 2002.4.10-4.14 Chicago, IL ,United States 第59回米国歯内治療学会議
Endoscopic Surgery SAGES Scientific Session & Postgraduate Course
8th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery
2002.3.13-3.16 New York, NY, United States
Endscopic Surgery European Association for Endscopic Surgery and Other Interventional Techniques.
10.Annual Congress.
2002.6.2-6.5 Lisboa, Portugal 第10回欧州内視鏡外科学会議
Environmental Health International Federation of Environmental Health 2002.4.-. San Diego, CA, USA 国際環境衛生会議
Epidemiological 16th International Scientific Meeting of the International Epidemiological Association 2002.8.18-8.22 Montreal, QC, Canada
Equilibrium International Academy of Equilibrium Researchers.22.Meeting. 2002.9.26-9.29 Seattle, WA ,United States 第22回国際平衡研究会議
Eye Research 15th International Congress of Eye Research 2002.10.6-10.11 Jerusalem, Israel 第15回国際眼研究会議
Family Physicians American Academy of Family Physicians 2002 Scientific Assembly 2002.10.17-10.20 San Diego, CA, United States 米国家庭医学会議
fertilization 12th World Congress on in-vitro fertilization amd Alternate Assisted Reproduction 2002.3.15-3.19 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 第12回世界体外受精会議
Free Radical Research 11th Biennial Meeting of the International Society for Free Radical Research 2002.7.17-7.21 Paris, France 第11回国際フリーラジカル研究会議
Gastroenterology 12th World Congress of Gastroenterology
2002.2.24-3.1 Bangkok, THAILAND 第12回世界消化器病学会議(WCOG)
Gastroenterology Meeting of the American College of Gastroenterology 2002.10.18-10.24 Seattle, WA, USA 米国消化器病学会議(AGA)
Gastroenterology 2002 Annual Meeting of the British Society of Gastroenterology 2002.3.17-3.20 Birmingham, England, United Kingdom 英国消化器病学会議
Gastroenterology 10th UEGW Congress -United European Gastroenterology Week 2002.10.19-10.24 Geneva, Switzerland 第10回欧州消化器病週間
Gastrointestinal Mtg of the Soc of Am Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Surgeons 2002.3.13-3.16 New York, NY ,Unied States 米国消化器内視鏡外科学会議
Geriatrics American Geriatrics Society Annual Meeting 2002.5.8-5.12 Washington, DC, United States 米国老年医学会議
Gerontological 55th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Gerontological Society of America 2002.11.22-11.26 Boston, MA, USA 第55回米国老年医学会議
Glaucoma Glaucoma Society International Meeting. 2002.4.16-4.20 Sydney, Australia 国際緑内障会議
Gynaecologic The Society of Gynaecologic Oncologists Annual Meeting 2002.3.16-3.20 Miami, FL, United States 米国婦人科腫瘍学会議
Gynecologic Cancer International Gynecologic Cancer Society.9.Biennial Congress. 2002.10.20-10.24 Seoul, Korea Rep 第9回国際婦人科癌学会議
Hand Surgery 57th Annual Meeting of the American Society for the Surgery of the Hand 2002.10.16-10.19 Salt Lake City, UT, USA 第57回米国手の外科学会議
Hand Surgery Ann Scientific Mtg of the Am Assn for Hand Surgery(AAHS 2002) 2002.1.9-1.12 Cancun, Mexico 米国手の外科学会議
Headache 6th European Headache Congress 2002.6.17-6.22 Istanbul, Turkey 第6回欧州頭痛学会議
Headache 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society 2002.6.21-6.23 Seattle, WA, United States 第44回米国頭痛学会議
Health Care International Society on Priorities in Health Care.4.Conference. 2002.9.19-9.22 Oslo, Norway 第4回国際ヘルスケア会議
Health Care Epidemiology 12th Ann Mtg of the Soc for Health Care Epidemiology of America 2002.4.7-4.9 Salt Lake City, UT , United States 第12回米国健康疫学会議
Health Physics 47th Ann Mtg of the Health Physics Soc 2002.6.16-6.20 Tampa, FL ,United States 第47回米国健康物理学会議
Heart 22nd Annual Meeting ofthe International Society for Heart Research - European Section 2002.7.3-7.6 Szeged, Hungary 第22回国際心臓研究学会欧州地区会議
Heart 75th Scientific Session, American Heart Association 2002.11.17-11.20 Chicago, IL, United States 第75回米国心臓学会議(AHA)
Heart Disease 2nd European Conference on Management of Coronary Heart Disease 2002.4.13-4.15 Nice, France 第2回欧州冠状心臓病学会議
Heart Failure Heart Failure Update2002 2002.6.8-6.11 Oslo, Norway 2002心不全会議
Helicobacter 4th Western Pacific Helicobacter Congress 2002.3.3-3.6 Perth, WA, Australia 第4回西太平洋ヘリコバクター会議
Hematology International Society for Experimental Hematology, 31st Annual Congress 2002.7.5-7.9 Montreal, CANADA 第31回国際実験血液学会議
Hematology 44th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Hematology 2002.12.6-12.10 Philadelphia, PA, United States
Hematology International Society of Hematology.29.Biennial Congress. 2002.6.4-6.7 Firenze, Italy 第29回国際血液学会議
Hemophilia 25th International Congress of the World Federation of Hemophilia 2002.5.19-5.24 Seville, Spain 第25回国際血友病学会議
Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary 5th World Congress of the International Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary Association 2002.4.27-4.29 Tokyo, JAPAN 第5回国際肝胆膵学会議
Herpes Virus  27th Int Workshop on Herpes Virus 2002.7.20-7.26 Cairns, Australia 第27回国際ヘルペスウイルス会議
High Altitutde Medicine 5.World Congress of High Altitutde Medicine and Physiology 2002.4.16-4.20 Barcelona, Spain 第5回世界高山医学生理学会議
Hospital Engineering International Federatioon of Hospital Engineering, 17th Congress 2002.5.12-5.16 Bergen, NORWAY 第17回国際病院工学会議
Hospital Infection 5th International Conference of the Hospital Infection Society
2002.9.15-9.18 Edinburgh, Scotland, Great Britain
Hospital Infection Hospital Infection Society.5.International Conference. 2002.9.16-9.18 London, United Kingdom 第5回国際病院感染学会議
Human Genetics American Society for Human Genetics Annual Meeting 2002.10.15-10.19 Baltimore, MD, USA 米国人類遺伝学会議
Hypertension 12th European Meeting on Hypertension 2002.5.10-5.13 Amsterdam, Netherlands 第12回欧州高血圧学会議
Hypertension 19th Cong of the Int Soc of Hypertension 2002.6.23-6.28 Prague, Czech Republic 第19回国際高血圧学会議
Hypertension 17th Ann Scientific Mtg of the Am Soc of Hypertension 2002.5.15-5.18 New York, NY ,United States 第17回米国高血圧学会議
Immunologists Mtg of the Am Assn of Immunologists 2002.4.13-4.17 San Diego, CA ,United States 米国免疫学会議
Impotence International Society for Impotence Research, 10th World Congress 2002.9.22-9.27 Montreal, CANADA 第10回国際インポテンス会議
Infections 12th Int Symp on Infections in the Immunocompromised Host 2002.6.23-6.26 Bergen, Norway 第12回国際免疫無防備状態宿主の感染シンポジウム
Infectious Diseases International Society for Infectious Diseases.10.Congress. 2002.4.-4. Sydney, Australia 第10回国際感染症学会議
Injury Prevention 6th World Conf on Injury Prevention and Control(TRAUMA2002) 2002.5.12-5.15 Montoreal, Canada 第6回世界外傷の予防と制御会議(TRAUMA2002)
Intensive Care 22.International Symposium on Intensive Care and Emergency Medicine. 2002.3.19-3.22 Brussels, Belgium 第22回国際救急集中治療学会議
Intensive Care Medicine European Society of Intensive Care Medicine, 15th Annual Congress 2002.9.22-9.25 Copenhagen, DENMARK 第15回欧州集中治療医学会議
Internal Medicine The 26th International Congress of Internal Medicine 2002.5.26-5.30 Kyoto, JAPAN 第26回国際内科学会議
Internal Medicine Hospital de Clinicas.9.International Congress on Internal Medicine. 2002.8.27-8.30 Buenos Aires, Argentina 第9回国際内科学会議
Kinesiology 7.International Kinesiology, Aesthetics and Therapeutics Congress. 2002.6.8-6.10 Buenos Aires, Argentina 第7回国際運動学会議
Laryngological European Laryngological Society.4.Biennial Meeting. 2002.9.-9. Bergen, Norway 第4回欧州喉頭科学会議
Lasers in Dentistry 8th International Congress on Lasers in Dentistry 2002.7.30-8.2 Yokohama, JAPAN 第8回国際歯科レーザー学会議
Lectin 20th International Lectin Meeting 2002.5.21-5.25 Copenhagen, Denmark 第20回国際レクチン会議
Liver European Association for the Study of the Liver, 37th Annual Congress 2002.4.14-4.20 Madrid, SPAIN 第37回欧州肝臓学会議(EASL)
Liver Diseases 2002 Annual Meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases 2002.11.1-11.5 Boston, MA, United States 米国肝臓学会議(AASLD)
Lumbar Spine Ann Mtg of the Int Soc for the Study of the Lumbar Spine 2002.5.14-5.18 Cleveland, OH ,United States 国際腰椎研究会議
Luminescence Spectrometry 10th Int Symp on Luminescence Spectrometry 2002.6.4-6.7 Granada, Spain 第10回国際発光分析測定会議
Lung Mtg of the Am Lung Assn & the Am Thoracic Soc 2002.5.17-5.22 Atlanta, GA ,United States 米国肺学会胸部学会合同会議
Lung Cancer 2nd World Conference on Clinical Cooperative Research for Lung Cancer 2002.3.8-3.9 Brussels, Belgium 第2回世界肺癌臨床協同研究会議
Magnetic Resonance European Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology.
19.Annual Congress and General Assembly.
2002.9.18-9.22 Firenze, Italy 第19回欧州磁気共鳴医学会議
Magnetic Resonance 10th Scientific Meeting and Exhibition of the International Society for
Magnetic Resonance in Medicine
2002.5.18-5.24 Honolulu, HI, United States 第10回国際磁気共鳴医学会議
Malignant Lymphoma 8th International Conference of Malignant Lymphoma 2002.6.12-6.15 Lugano, Switzerland 第8回国際悪性リンパ腫学会議
Medical Chemistry European Federation for Medical Chemistry, 17th International Symposium 2002.9.1-9.5 Barcelona, SPAIN 第17回欧州医化学会議
Medical Engineering Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers,Engineering in Medicine and
Biology Society.24.Annual Conference.
2002.10.24-10.27 Houston, TX ,United States 第24回米国ME学会議
Medical Informatics European Federation for Medical Informatics.17.Congress. 2002.8.25-8.29 Budapest, Hungary 第17回欧州医療情報学会議
Medical Informatics American Medical Informatics Association.Annual Symposium. 2002.11.9-11.13 San Antonio, TX ,United States 米国医療情報学会議
Medical Instrumentation Ann Conf & Expo of the Assn for the Advancement of
Medical Instrumentation(AAMI 2002)
2002.6.-6. Minneapolis, MN ,United States 米国医療器機会議
Medical Law World Medical Law Association.14.World Congress. 2002.8.25-8.29 Maastricht, Netherlands 第14回世界医事法学会議
Medical Physic American College of Medical Physics.Annual Meeting. 2002.6.10-6.16 Jackson Hole, WY ,United States 米国医用物理学会議
Melanoma 4th International Conference on the Adjuvant Therapy of Malignant Melanoma
2002.3.15-3.16 London, England, United Kingdom 第4回国際悪性黒色腫(メラノーマ)補助薬療法会議
Meniere International Meniere Federation, 5th Congress 2002.6.13-6.15 Copenhagen, DENMARK 第5回国際メニエル病会議
Menopause International Menopause Society, 10 Congress 2002.6.10-6.14 Berlin, GERMANY 第10回国際閉経会議
Mental Retardation Mtg of the Am Assn on Mental Retardation 2002.5.28-6.2 Orlando, FL United States 米国精神遅滞学会議
Microsomes 13th International Symposium on Microsomes & Drug Oxidations 2002.7.22-7.26 Sapporo, JAPAN 第13回ミクロゾームと薬物酸化国際シンポジウム
Minimally Invasive Surgery Conf on Minimally Invasive Surgery I 2002.7.15-7.18 Kralendijk, Netherlands Antilles MINIMALLY INVASIVE SURGERY I 会議
Mycological International Mycological Association, 7th Congress 2002.8.12-8.17 Oslo, NORWAY 第7回国際真菌学会議
Mycology 10.International Congress of Mycology. 2002.7.21-7.26 Paris, France 第10回国際菌学会議
Neonatal Intensive Care. European Sociey of Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care.Annual International Meeting. 2002.6.-6. Ljubljana, Slovenia 欧州小児、新生児集中治療学会議
Neuro Ophthalmology International Neuro Ophthalmology Society, 14th Symposium 2002.5.6-5.10 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 第14回国際神経眼科シンポジウム
Neuro-Oncology 5th Congress of the European Association for Neuro-Oncology EANO V 2002.9.7-9.11 Florence, Italy
23rd CINP Congress - Collegium Internationale Neuro-Psychopharmacologicum 2002.6.23-6.27 Montreal, QC, Canada 第23回国際神経精神薬理学会議
Neuroendocrinology 5th International Congress of Neuroendocrinology 2002.8.31-9.4 Bristol, England, United Kingdom 第5回国際神経内分泌学会議
Neuroendocrinology 5th Int Cong of Neuroendocrinology 2002.9.7-9.11 Bristol, United Kingdom 第5回国際神経内分泌学会議
Neurological European Federation of Neurological Societies Congress 2002 2002.10.26-10.30 Vienna, Austria
Neurological Rehabilitation 3rd World Congress in Neurological Rehabilitation 2002.4.3-4.6 Venice, Italy 第3回世界神経リハビリテーション学会議
Neurological Surgeons 2002 Annual Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2002.9.22-9.25 Philadelphia, PA, United States 米国脳神経外科学会議
Neurological Surgeons Ann Mtg of the Am Assn of Neurological Surgeons 2002.4.6-4.11 Chicago, IL ,Unied States 米国脳神経外科学会議
Neurology 2002 Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Neurology 2002.4.20-4.27 Denver, CO, United States 米国神経学会議
Neuromuscular 10th International Congress on Neuromuscular Diseases 2002.7.7-7.12 Vancouver, BC, Canada 第10回国際神経筋疾患学会議
Neurootological 29th Ordinary Scientific Congress of the Neurootological and
Equilibriometric Society Reg.
2002.3.21-3.24 Bad Kissingen, GERMANY 第29回国際平衡神経科学会議(NES)
Neuropathology 7th European Congress of Neuropathology 2002.7.14-7.17 Helsinki, Finland
Neuropsychological International Neuropsychological Society Annual Meeting 2002.2.13-2.16 Toronto, ON, Canada 国際神経心理学会議
Neuroradiological 17th Symp of the World Federation of Neuroradiological Socs 2002.8.18-8.23 Paris, France 第17回世界神経放射線学シンポジウム
Neuroradiology 40th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Neuroradiology 2002.5.11-5.17 Vancouver, BC, Canada 第40回米国神経放射線学会議
Neuroscience 32nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience 2002.11.2-11.7 Orlando, FL, United States 第32回米国ニューロサイエンス会議
Neuroscience International Society for Developmental Neuroscience.14.Biennial General Meeting. 2002.2.2-2.6 Sydney, Australia 第14回国際発達ニューロサイエンス会議
Nuclear Medicine 8th Congress of the World Federation of Nuclear Medicine 2002.9.29-10.4 Santiago, Chile 第8回世界核医学会議
Nuclear Medicine Society of Nuclear Medicine 49th Annual Meeting 2002.6.15-6.19 Los Angeles, CA, United States 第49回米国核医学会議
Nutrition European Society of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 24.Congress. 2002.8.31-9.4 Grasgow, United Kingdom 第24回欧州静脈、終腸栄養学会議
Obstetricians and Gynecologists 2002 Annual Scientific Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and
2002.5.4-5.8 Los Angeles, CA, United States 米国産科婦人科学会議
Occupational and
Environmental Medicine
Mtg of the Am College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 2002.4.12-4.19 Chicago, IL ,Unied States 米国労働環境医学会議
Occupational Hygiene International Occupational Hygiene Association.5.Conference. 2002.6.10-6.14 Bergen, Norway 第5回国際労働衛生学会議
Occupational Therapists World Federation of Occupational Therapists, 13th Congress 2002.6.23-6.28 Stockholm, SWEDEN 第13回世界作業療法会議
Ocular Inflammation International Ocular Inflammation Society Conference 2002.4.-. Sydney, AUSTRALIA 国際眼炎症会議
Ocular Inflammation International Ocular Inflammation Society.Conference. 2002.4.-4. Sydney, Australia 国際眼炎症会議
Oncology 27th ESMO(European Society for Medical Oncology) Congress 2002.10.18-10.22 Nice, FRANCE 第27回欧州癌治療学会議(ESMO)
Oncology 38th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology 2002.5.18-5.21 Orlando, FL, United States 第38回米国癌治療学会議
Ophthalmic Optics OPTICA:International Congress for Ophthalmic Optics.Ex. 2002.4.26-4.29 Koln, Germany 国際眼光学会議
Ophthalmology American Academy of Ophthalmology, Annual Meeting 2002.10.20-10.24 Orlando, FL, USA 米国眼科学会議
Ophthalmology International Federation of Ophthalmological Societies International Council of
Ophthalmology, 29th Congress
2002.4.22-4.27 Sydney, AUSTRALIA 第29回国際眼科学会議
Ophthalmology The Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Annual Meeting 2002.5.5-5.10 Fort Lauderdale, FL, United States
Oral Cancer 8th International Congress on Oral Cancer 2002.11.22-11.26 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 第8回国際口腔癌学会議
Orthodontic 4th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference 2002.11.21-11.24 Singapore, SINGAPORE 第4回アジア太平洋矯正歯科学会議
Orthodontic 78th Cong of the Eur Orthodontic Soc (EOS2002) 2002.6.4-6.8 Sorrento, Italy 第78回欧州歯科矯正学会議
Orthodontists 102nd Annual Session of the American Association of Orthodontists 2002.5.4-5.8 Philadelphia, PA, United States 第102回米国歯科矯正学会議
Orthopaedic Surgeons American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2002.2.13-2.17 Dallas, TX, USA 米国整形外科学会議
Orthopaedic Surgery International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology, 22th Congress 2002.8.25-8.30 San Diego, CA, USA 第22回国際整形外科学会議(SICOT)
Orthopaedics and
6th Cong of the Eur Fed of Orthopaedics and Traumatolgy 2002.6.-6. Helsinki, Finland 第6回欧州整形外科学会議
Osteopathic American College Osteopathic Family Physicians 39th Annual Convention 2002.3.5-3.10 Lake Buena Vista, FL, United States 第39回米国オステオパシー家庭医学会議
Osteopathy American Academy of Osteopathy 2002 Annual Meeting 2002.3.21-3.24 Norfolk, VA, United States 米国オステオパシー会議
Otolaryngology 106th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of
Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery
2002.9.22-9.25 San Diego, CA, USA 第106回米国耳鼻咽喉科学会議
Pacing and Electrophysiology Mtg of the North Am Soc of Pacing and Electrophysiology 2002.5.8-5.11 San Diego, CA ,United States 北米心臓ペーシング電気生理学会議
Paediatric Dermatology 7th Congress of the European Society for Paediatric Dermatology 2002.11.21-11.23 Barcelona, Spain 第7回欧州小児皮膚科学会議
Paediatric Endocrinology 41st Mtg of the Eur Soc for Paediatric Endocrinology 2002.9.26-9.29 Madrid, Spain 第41回欧州小児内分泌学会議
Paediatric Esophagal
Caustic Burns
3rd World Conference on Paediatric Esophagal Caustic Burns
2002.2.1-2.3 New Delhi, India 第3回世界小児食道苛性熱傷会議
Paediatric Oncology Iinternational Society of Paediatric Oncology, 34th Congress 2002.9.-. Porto, PORTUGAL 第34回国際小児腫瘍学会議
Paediatric Oncology International Society of Paediatric Oncology.Asia Congress. 2002.4.26-4.29 Seoul, Korea Rep 国際小児腫瘍学アジア地区会議
Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology 8th International Congress on Paediatric Otorhinolaryngology 2002.9.11-9.14 Oxford, UNITED KINGDOM 第8回国際小児耳鼻咽喉科会議
Paediatric Pathology Society for Paediatric Pathology 2002 Annual Meeting
2002.2.22-2.23 Chicago, IL, United States 米国小児病理学会議
Paediatric Surgical American Paediatric Surgical Association (APSA) - 2002 Annual Meeting 2002.5.16-5.23 Marco Island, FL, United States 米国小児外科学会議
Pain 9th World Congress on Pain 2002.8.17-8.22 Vienna, AUSTRIA 第10回世界疼痛会議(PAIN)
Paraplesia Jt Ann Mtg of the Am Spinal Injury Assn & the Int Medical Soc of Paraplesia
2002.5.4-5.7 Vancouver, Canada 米国脊椎損傷学会・国際対麻酔学会合同会議
Parasitology Int Cong on Parasitology 2002.8.9-8.18 Vancouver, Canada 国際寄生虫学会議
Parenteral and
Enteral Nutrition
26th Clinical Congress of the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition 2002.2.24-2.27 San Diego, CA, United States 第26回米国静脈・経腸栄養学会議
Parkinson Disease The 5th Conference of the European Parkinson Disease Association (EPDA) 2002.4.19-4.25 Jerusalem, Israel 第5回欧州パーキンソン病会議
Pathology 2002 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Investigative Pathology 2002.4.20-4.24 New Orleans, LA, United States 米国研究病理学会議
Pathology US-Canadian Academy of Pathology.91.Annual Meeting. 2002.2.23-3.1 Chicago, IL ,United States 第91回米国カナダ病理学会議
Pathology International Academy of Pathology.24.Biennial Congress. 2002.10.5-10.11 Amsterdam, Netherlands 第24回国際病理アカデミー会議
Pathophysilogy Jt World Cong of Pathophysilogy &
21th Eur Cong on Noninvasive Cardiovascular Dynamics
2002.6.29-7.2 Budapest, Hungary 世界病態生理学、第21回欧州非侵襲性心臓血管力学合同会議
Pathophysiology of
34th Int Cong on Pathophysiology of Pregnancy 2002.6.27-6.30 Balatonfured, Hungary 第34回国際妊娠病態生理学会議
Pediatric  Ann Mtg of the Pediatric Academic Soc 2002.5.3-5.7 Baltimore, MD ,United States 米国小児科アカデミー会議
Infectious Diseases
Asian Society of Pediatric Infectious Diseases.2.Congress. 2002.11.10-11.13 Pattaya, Thailand 第2回アジア小児感染症会議
Pediatric Ophthalmology American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus Annual Meeting 2002.3.20-3.24 Seattle, WA, United States
Pediatric Radiology European Society of Pediatric Radiology, 39th Annual Congress 2002.6.16-6.21 Bergen, NORWAY 第39回欧州小児放射線学会議
Pediatrics American Academy of Pediatrics 2002 Annual Meeting 2002.10.19-10.23 Boston, MA, United States 米国小児科学会議
Perinatal Federation of Asia Oceania Perinatal Societies 2002.3.10-3.13 Christchurch, New Zealand
Perinatal Doppler 15th International Perinatal Doppler Society Conference 2002.9.11-9.14 Prague, Czech Republic 第15回国際周産期ドップラー学会議
Perinatal Medicine European Association of Perinatal Medicine, 18th Congress 2002.6.19-6.22 Oslo, NORWAY 第18回欧州周産期医学会議
Pharmaceutical 2002 American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists Annual Meeting and Exposition 2002.11.8-11.14 Toronto, ON, Canada 米国薬剤学会議
Pharmaceutical Ann Mtg of the Am Pharmaceutical Assn 2002.3.15-3.19 Philadelphia, PA ,United States 米国薬学会議
Pharmaceutical International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology.4.World Meeting. 2002.4.8-4.11 Firenze, Italy 第4回世界薬学工学会議
Pharmaceutical 19.Asian congress of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 2002.11.-11. Seoul, Korea Rep 第19回アジア薬学会議
Pharmacology XIVth World Congress of Pharmacology 2002.7.7-7.12 San Francisco, CA, USA 第14回国際薬理学会議
Pharmacology 31st Annual Meeting of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology 2002.9.21-9.23 San Francisco, CA, United States
Pharmacology Pharmacology 2002 2002.4.20-4.24 New Orleans, LA ,United States 2002年薬理学会議
Pharmacy 62nd World Pharmacy Congress 2002.8.31-9.5 Nice, France
Physical Therapy Asian Confedeation of Physical Therapy.8.General Assembly. 2002.3.-3. Bangkok, Thailand 第8回アジア物理療法学会議
Physicians American College of Physicians 2002 Annual Scientific Meeting 2002.4.11-4.14 Philadelphia, PA, United States 米国内科学会議
Physicists in Medicine Mtg of the Am Assn of Physicists in Medicine 2002.7.14-7.18 Montoreal, Canada 米国医学物理学者会議
Plastic Surgeons American Association of Plastic Surgeons Annual Meeting 2002.5.12-5.16 Seattle, WA, USA 米国形成外科学会議
Plastic Surgeons European Association of Plastic Surgeons.13.Annual Meeting. 2002.5.30-6.1 Crete, Greece 第13回欧州形成外科学会議
Plastic Surgery American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Annual Meeting 2002.4.28-5.3 Las Vegas, NV, USA 米国美容外科学会議
Plastic Surgery 11th ASEAN Plastic Surgery Congress 2002.1.31-2.3 Singapore,Singapore, 第11回ASEAN形成外科学会議
Plastic Surgery 8th International Symposium of Facial Plastic Surgery 2002.5.1-5.5 New York, NY, United States
Plastic Surgery Fall Mtg of the Am Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 2002.9.18-9.21 San Diego, CA ,United States 米国顔面形成外科学会秋季会議
Plastic Surgery International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.16.Biennial Congress 2002.5.27-5.29 Istanbul, Turkey 第16回国際美容形成外科学会議
Podology 5.International Congress on Podology, Diagnostics and Treatment. 2002.6.8-6.10 Buenos Aires, Argentina 第5回国際足学会議
Police Medical Officer 6th Int Conf of the World Police Medical Officers on Clinical Forensic Medicine
2002.3.17-3.22 Sydney, Australia 第6回国際警察医学会議
Politzer 23rd Meeting of The Politzer Society 2002.1.19-1.23 Courchevel , FRANCE 第23回ポリツァーソサエティ会議
Prosthodontics American College of Prosthodontics 2002 Annual Session 2002.11.6-11.9 Orlando, FL, United States 米国歯科補綴学会議
Psychiatry 12th World Congress of Psychiatry 2002.8.24-8.29 Yokohama, JAPAN 第12回世界精神科学会議
Psychiatry 49th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry 2002.10.22-10.27 San Francisco, CA, USA 第49回米国児童青年精神医学会議
Psychiatry Annual Meeting of the American Psychiatry Association 2002.5.18-5.23 Philadelphia, PA, United States 米国精神科学会議
Psychiatry World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry.European Regional Congress. 2002.9.4-9.8 Kobenhavn, Denmark 世界生物学的精神医学欧州地区会議
Psychoanalysis Ann Mtg of the Am Academy of Psychoanalysis 2002.5.16-5.19 Philadelphia, PA ,United States 米国精神分析学会議
Psychoanalytic International Federation of Psychoanalytic Societies, 11th Forum 2002.8.13-8.18 Oslo, NORWAY 第11回国際精神分析学会議
Psychoanalytic 12th Forum of the Int Federation of Psychoanalytic Socs 2002.5.-5. Oslo,Norway 第12回国際精神分析学会議
Psychoanalytic 91st Ann Mtg of the Am Psychoanalytic Assn 2002.5.10-5.19 Philadelphia, PA ,United States 第91回米国精神分析学会議
Psychoanalytical 91st Annual Meeting of the American Psychoanalytical Association 2002.5.10-5.19 Philadelphia, PA, United States 第91回米国精神分析学会議
Psychological American Psychological Association Annual Meeting 2002.8.23-8.27 Chicago, IL, United States 米国心理学会議
Psychological World Psychiatric Assn Thematic Conf on the Psychological and
Psychiatric Consequences of Violence
2002.3.21-3.23 Budapest, Hungary 暴力をテーマとする世界精神学会議
Psychological American Psychological Society.14.Annual Convention. 2002.6.6-6.9 New Orleans, LA ,United States 第14回米国心理学会議
Psychology 25th International Congress of Applied Psychology (ICAP) 2002.7.7-7.12 Singapore, SINGAPORE 第25回国際応用心理学会議
Psychophysiology 11th World Congress of Psychophysiology 2002.7.29-8.3 Montreal, QC, Canada 第11回世界精神生理学会議
Psychosomatic 24th European Conference on Psychosomatic Research 2002.6.19-6.22 Lisbon, Portugal 第24回欧州心身研究会議
Public Health American Public Health Association.Annual Meeting. 2002.11.10-11.14 Philadelphia, PA ,United States 米国公衆衛生学会議
Pulmonary Rehabilitation 4th International Conference on Advances in Pulmonary Rehabilitation and
Management of Chronic Respiratory Failure
2002.10.9-10.12 Stresa, Italy 第4回国際肺リハビリテーションと慢性呼吸不全会議
Radiographers 12th World Cong of the Int Soc of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists on
Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy
2002.9.20-9.24 Amsterdam, Netherlands 第12回国際放射線技師会議
Radiological Radiological Society of North America.88.Annual Meeting.Ex. 2002.11.17-11.22 Orlando, FL ,United States 第88回北米放射線学会議
Radiology European Association of Radiology.14.Congress. 2002.3.1-3.5 Vienna, Austria 第14回欧州放射線学会議
Radiology European Society of Musculoskeletal Radiology.9.Annual Meeting. 2002.10.11-10.12 Valencia, Spain 第9回欧州筋骨格放射線学会議
Radiology. International Society of Radiology.22.Biennial Congress. 2002.9.10-9.13 Cairo, Egypt 第22回国際放射線学会議
Radiology and Oncology 44th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Society for
Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology
2002.10.6-10.9 New Orleans, LA, United States 第44回米国治療放射線・腫瘍学会議
Rehabilitation European Congress of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine 2002.6.2-6.5 Brighton, UNITED KINGDOM 欧州リハビリテーション医学会議
Renal 39th European Renal Association / European Dialysis Transplant Association Congress 2002.7.14-7.17 Copenhagen, DENMARK 第39回欧州透析移植学会議(EDTA)
Reproductive Medicine 58th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine 2002.10.12-10.16 Seattle, WA, United States 第58回米国生殖医学会議
Respiratory The 12th Annual Congress of the European Respiratory Society 2002.9.14-9.18 Stockholm, Sweden 第12回欧州呼吸器学会議
Rheumatology 3rd Annual European Congress of Rheumatology 2002.6.12-6.15 Stockholm, Sweden 第3回欧州リウマチ学会議
Rheumatology 10th APLAR Congress of Rheumatology 2002.12.1-12.6 Bangkok, Thailand
Rhinologic European Rhinologic Society, 19th Congress 2002.6.15-6.21 Ulm, GERMANY 第19回欧州鼻科学会議
Roentgen Ray Annual Meeting of the American Roentgen Ray Society 2002.4.28-5.3 Atlanta, GA, United States 米国レントゲン線会議
Sarcoidosis 7th Annual Congress of the World Association of Sarcoidosis 2002.6.16-6.19 Stockholm, Sweden
Sexology The 6th Congress of the European Federation of Sexology 2002.6.16-6.21 Jerusalem, Israel 第6回欧州性科学会議
Small Animal World Small Animal Veterinary Association.27.Annual Congress. 2002.9.-9. Granada, Spain 第27回世界小動物獣医学会議
Sport Psychology European Federation of Sport Psychology.11.Quadrennial Congress 2002.7.22-7.27 Kobenhavn, Denmark 第11回欧州スポーツ心理学会議
Sports Medicine American College of Sports Medicine 2002 Annual Meeting 2002.5.29-6.1 St. Louis, MO, United States 米国スポーツ医学会議
Sports Medicine International Federation of Sports Medicine.27.Quadrennial World Congress. 2002.6.5-6.9 Budapest, Hungary 第27回国際スポーツ医学会議
Surgeons American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress 2002.10.6-10.11 San Francisco, CA, USA 米国臨床外科学会議
Surgery World Video Surgery Congress 2002.3.7-3.9 Brugge, Belgium 世界ビデオ外科学会議
Surgery of the Hand Federation of European Societies for Surgery of the Hand.9.Congress. 2002.5.22-5.25 Amsterdam, Netherlands 第9回欧州手の外科学会議
Surgical Oncology 11th Congress of the European Society of Surgical Oncology 2002.4.17-4.20 Lille, France
Surgical Oncology 2002 Ann Mtg of the Soc of Surgical Oncology 2002.3.14-3.17 Denver, CO ,United States 米国外科腫瘍学会議
Therapeutic Radiology European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology.
7.International Meeting on Progress in Radio-oncology
2002.5.15-5.19 Salzburg, Austria 第7回欧州治療放射線学、腫瘍学会議
Therapeutic Radiology European Society for Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology 2002.9.15-9.19 Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC 欧州治療放射線腫瘍学会議
Thoracic Surgeons 38th Annual Meeting of the Society of Thoracic Surgeons 2002.1.28-1.30 Fort Lauderdale,FL,USA 第38回米国胸部外科学会議
Thoracic Surgery 82nd Annual Meeting of the American Association for Thoracic Surgery 2002.4.28-5.1 Washington, DC, USA 第82回米国胸部外科学会議
Thoracic Surgery Mtg of the Am Assn for Thoracic Surgery 2002.5.5-5.22 Washington, DC ,United States 米国胸部外科学会議
Thrombosis & Haemostasis 48th Ann Mtg of the Scientific and Standardization Committee of
the Int Soc on Thrombosis & Haemostasis
2002.7.-7. Boston, MA ,United States 第48回国際止血血栓症の科学・定準委員会会議
Tinnitus 7th International Tinnitus Seminar 2002.3.5-3.9 Fremantle, Western Australia 第7回国際耳鳴りセミナー
Toxicology 41st Ann Mtg of the Soc of Toxicology 2002.3.18-3.22 Nashville, TN ,United States 第41回米国毒物学会議
Toxicology Ann Mtg of the Eur Socs of Toxicology 2002.9.15-9.18 Budapest, Hungary 欧州毒物学会議
Transplantation 19th International Congress of the Transplantation Society 2002.8.18-8.23 Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA 第19回国際移植学会議
Transplantation American Society of Transplantation.Annual Meeting. 2002.4.25-5.3 Chicago, IL ,United States 米国移植学会議
Trauma Trauma Care 2002 - 15th Annual Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Symposium 2002.5.23-5.25 Stavanger, Norway 第15回トラウマ、麻酔、救急治療シンポジウム
Ultrasound in Medicine 46th Ann Scientific Mtg of the Am Inst of Ultrasound in Medicine 2002.3.10-3.13 Nashville, TN ,United States 第46回米国超音波医学会議
Ultrasound in Medicine European Federation of Societies for Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology.
14.Annual congress.
2002.7.3-7.7 Warszawa, Poland 第14回欧州超音波医学会議
Urological Annual Meeting of the American Urological Association 2002.5.25-5.30 Orlando, FL, United States 米国泌尿器科学会議
Urology 17th Congress of the European Association of Urology 2002.6.3-6.10 Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM 第17回欧州泌尿器科学会議
Urology 97th Annual Meeting of the American Urology Association 2002.4.13-4.18 New York City, NY, USA 第97回米国泌尿器科学会議
Urology Societe Internationale d'Urologie, 26th Congress 2002.9.8-9.12 Stockholm, SWEDEN 第26回国際泌尿器科学会議
Urology 17th Congress of the European Association of Urology
2002.3.6-6.10 Birmingham, England, United Kingdom 第17回欧州泌尿器科学会議
Vascular National Meeting of the Society for Vascular Medicine and Biology 2002.6.7-6.12 Boston, MA, United States 米国血管医学生物学会議
Veterinary World Veterinary Cong 2002.9.25-9.29 Tunis, Tunisia 世界獣医学会議
Veterinary Medical Ann Mtg of the Am Veterinary Medical Assn 2002.7.13-7.17 Nashville, TN ,United States 米国獣医学会議
Virology 15th International Congress of Virology 2002.7.28-8.2 Paris, FRANCE 第15回国際ウイルス学会議
Virology European Society for Clinical Virology Session. 2002.7.28-8.2 Paris, France 欧州臨床ウィルス学会議
Virology 12.International Congress of Virology. 2002.7.28-8.2 Paris, France 第12回国際ウィルス学会議


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